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WATTSUP Solar provides a complete solar service for the life of your solar investment.

  • Free Energy for Your Business

    Free Energy for Your Business

    Turn your unused roof space into a power station and start getting your energy for FREE. Invest in commercial solar and enjoy increased profitability, reduced operating costs and protection from climbing energy prices. Take control of your energy and profitability today.
  • Government Rebates Available

    Government Rebates Available

    Government Rebates can offset up to 25% of your solar system costs. Start today and take advantage of these rebates before they disappear.
  • Green Energy Finance

    Green Energy Finance

    No deposit.
    No upfront cost.
    100% tax deductible.
    Commercial solar finance for solar installation, engineering, consultancy and insurance. Affordable, accessible and available to you now!

I’ve been a electrician all my life and now run another family owned business.

Wattsup clearly know their stuff and others didn’t compare. Even our accountant was most impressed!

We are very thankful on their recommendation and supply on the very best equipment actually made in Germany!!




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