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As electricity and gas prices continue to rise, home and business owners are moving away from the stranglehold of the big energy companies and harnessing the power of free sunshine.

WattsUpSolar can help you break free of constantly rising prices by designing, installing and maintaining a solar system at your home or business. Your investment in solar will deliver returns in the form of cost savings for many years to come.

The WattsUpSolar team comprises of a very experienced team of professionals with backgrounds in business including IT Enterprise Infrastructure and Application Management, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Project Management including Operational and Logistical Management.

Our solar experience comes from the field and hands-on experience since 2006 in solar applications across Australia.

WattsUpSolar delivers a comprehensive range of services to design, install, monitor and maintain your solar system. We treat your investment in solar seriously and like all good investments we ensure yours is well designed, well built and well managed.

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