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Government Rebates can offset up to 25% of your solar system costs.

Start today and take advantage of these rebates before they disappear.

Government rebates are still available on the installation of new commercial solar systems. Businesses are saving in between $3,000 and $70,000. That’s serious money!

The Australian Government rebates and incentives are available to promote the uptake of solar power by businesses and commercial enterprises. These rebates can disappear at a flick of a switch with minimal warning as we have experienced with solar feed-in tariffs suddenly disappearing.

WattsUp Solar can arrange to provide a point of sale discount on our already low prices if you choose to assign the rebate to us; saving you the hassle of claiming this yourself and potentially saving you thousands of dollars on your system.

We urge you to convert your business to solar NOW and reap the rewards before it’s too late!

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