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The first step for a successful investment in solar is a feasibility study. Watts Up Solar will determine the viability and potential profitability of a solar installation at your commercial premises.

We need to gather data on your current energy usage, review your physical site, create a preliminary design and conduct a return on investment analysis.

Our process is data driven, so your decision can be based on facts. We don’t do guess work.

WattsUp Solar provides:

  • Load Profiling – we will calculate your energy use over a period of time to clearly understand usage patterns of your power. This cannot be done by simply analyzing your energy bill. Accurate diagnosis comes from accurate and real-time data with the appropriate software analytical tools specially designed for Commercial Solar applications. WattsUp Solar has the tools and the skills to conduct this crucial phase.
  • Preliminary Design – we will design a solar energy system for your business based on combinations of inverters, panels and mounting according to environmental factors, physical site space, load profiles, future construction or expansion, budget and potential business expansion.
  • Financial Analysis – including information estimates on upfront and ongoing costs, cash flow impacts and finance options.
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