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WattsUpSolar uses only Clean Energy Council certified installers. They are licensed electricians who have been trained in the process and requirements for solar installations. They are also briefed and have a clear understanding of our expectations, process and attention to detail in every aspect ensuring an outstanding commercial grade solar installation.

WattsUpSolar manages the entire installation process. Our installers, project managers and management team work closely to ensure a seamless and professional installation.

WattsUpSolar provides a full end-to-end service to ensure your solar system is properly installed:

  • Grid Application Approvals – we will apply for pre-approval authorisation with your power supplier or retailer
  • Project Management – a project manager will be allocated to schedule and coordinate installation with all stakeholders
  • Install System Hardware – we will supply and install equipment specified in the design phase
  • New bi-directional meter installation – we will install new bidirectional meter(s) at your premises
  • Commissioning – connect system to the grid and ensure its operation
  • Paperwork Processing – process all relevant paperwork and applications
  • Documentation – prepare and produce manual for all system and site information
  • Monitoring – connect system to Solar Monitoring Centre and validate operation
  • System Validation – a Service Technician will test and verify installation
  • Training – provide training to operations on safety, system turn-on/power down, system checking and monitoring procedures
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